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Monthly Challenges

Every month we will post a fun, environmental challenge that will connect with our monthly book reading! Challenges will be highlighted at the beginning of the month on our blog forum and social media sites. 

We encourage the FFF Kids' community to try to complete these challenges at home or school and share them with friends, family, classmates, and the rest of our FFF community!

Share your completed challenges with other FFF Kids on our safe, private community forum! 

Submit your challenge photos to share on our public social media accounts using

Note: We will never post content without consent.

February Challenge:

Compost in a Jar


How to take action:

  1. Watch the Compost in a Jar Tutorial on FFF KIDS Youtube

  2. Gather tools and ingredients. (An adult then needs to put small holes into the jar)

  3. Make your compost cake layers. Store in a dark place and stir occasionally. In a few weeks you will have COMPOST STEW!

    🌎 Share it with the FFF Kids Community
    📸 Submit it to be posted on the FFF Kids' Social Media at 
    ✨ Post it on your own social media feeds with #CompostStew @fffus_kids​​

We want to see what you make!

2023 03 Action Challenge Example.png


Positive Self-Portrait​

How to take action:

  1. Look at yourself really well in the mirror

  2. Draw a full body self-portrait

  3. When drawing yourself, think about what you like about that part of yourself

2023 01 Challenge Example


Reuse recyclable items to create art!​

How to take action:

  1. Find items you can recycle around your home and school.

  2. Get creative and think of ways to help items that usually end up in the trash be upcycled into something beautiful instead!

  3. Create artwork using the recycled materials and take a picture of your masterpiece to share with the FFF Kids community and give as holiday presents!

2022 12 Challenge Example.jpg



I Am Grateful for...​

How to take action:

  1. Think of something you are grateful for. Draw inspiration from the world around you, especially nature and things that bring you joy. ​​

  2. Express your gratitude to it. 

  3. Draw a picture of what it is to share with others! 

2022 11 I Am Grateful Example.jpeg


2022 10 Action Challenge Example.jpg


Get Connected

How to take action:

  1. Think of something you can do to connect to your community. Get creative and get out there - this is the perfect opportunity to do things you haven't done before!

  2. Grab some family or friends to do it with you 

  3. Take a picture or video to encourage others to do the same!


2022 09 Challenge Example.jpg


Make a Global Climate Strike Poster

How to take action:

  1. Think of a climate phrase you want to share

  2. Grab a box and some markers or paint

  3. Write or paint your phrase onto the cardboard

  4. Take a picture, if possible with friends in a public spot to encourage others!



Chalk Art for Change

How to take action:

  1. Think about what you love, in nature and on Earth. 

  2. Gather chalk and get outside. 

  3. Draw and create artwork to share positive messages about what you love.

  4. Take a pic and share it!

love the earth.jpg
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