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Welcome to Fridays for Future Kids!

Who We Are

Fridays for Future Kids, FFF Kids, is affiliated with Fridays for Future U.S. and is a youth-led and -organized movement. FFF Kids is a group created for younger generations to learn about climate change and how to become involved and participate in the international movement. Additionally, FFF Kids connects with the parents and teachers of the children involved. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to motivate and empower children when it comes to learning about the environment and how to protect our planet through positive action. We want to help educate children, parents, and teachers so that everyone will be able to learn and grow collectively. Kids should be aware and informed about the current situation of our climate. As climate change will play an inherent role in the lives of younger generations, children deserve to be educated on how best to prepare for and reduce the effects of climate change.


In order to empower children, FFF Kids will connect with parents and teachers and inspire safe, positive ways for kids to get involved with the Fridays for Future movement. 

How To Get Involved

  • Join the FFF Kids community by clicking on the on the "Login / Sign up button" in the "FFF Kids Community" tab. From there you can engage with others in the community through posts and comments.

  • Join the FFF Kids email list by filling out this form. From there, you'll receive the monthly challenges and book readings directly to your inbox and can send an email to all of the other group members.

  • Follow our social media accounts: 





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